My Mission- My Commitment - My Promise

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For the Love of Luna, Every Dog is Perfect Rescue, Inc.

Feel, heal, reveal: This is our story…

It was a connection I cannot explain; a love and trust like no other I have ever known. She was the caretaker, the protector, my Mama dog. The one who taught me as much as I taught her – and the one who inspired my commitment to animal advocacy and rescue. My baby, my Luna – this is our story.

Luna was an adorable little Doberman pup from Alabama. Although timid and afraid, I could see her eyes were filled with hope – and it was love at first sight. She soon turned into a little ball of energy and love – with a healthy dose of hyperactivity! And the more comfortable she became, the more she displayed behavioral issues like fear snapping and biting if someone moved abruptly or unexpectedly. So now what? I had little kids I had to worry about, so I did some digging and found she was the product of a puppy mill in the South, which explained everything. How could one expect anything else coming from an abusive, uncaring and unfeeling environment? Before long I put an intensive training plan into motion with some heavy research and tips from professionals. Surprisingly, in about 6 months Luna was good as gold. It took patience, diligence and most importantly, consistency with everyone in the house, but we never gave up and the reward was well worth it. Luna taught us how to look at things through her eyes – how to understand canine behavior – and how to get the desired response to our every action.

As I started my journey volunteering at a local animal shelter, she walked side-by-side with me as I fostered many pregnant dogs and cats, and their puppies and kittens. We all watched with amazement as she became the most nurturing, caring and silly dog with everyone – cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters – as well as every child she met. She kept everyone in line and always made sure everyone was happy, healthy, and getting along. She was their protector, and she inspired me to protect and care for as many animals as I can.

On August 6th, 2019, I lost my beloved Luna to a massive heart attack while doing her favorite thing, playing catch in the backyard with her tennis ball. She was 7 ½ years old, healthy and happy – and gone from my life in minutes. I was utterly devastated, and made a promise to honor her by saving as many others as I can, for the love of Luna.

She taught me Every Dog is Perfect, no matter what or where they came from. She also taught me how from animals we, too, can learn the unconditional love, nurturing nature and compassion they have for one another, and bring it to those around us. This rescue was established for just that – to FEEL the love of an animal in need, HEAL them while healing yourself, and REVEAL the true importance of promoting the humane treatment of animals in this world.